Uniform Policy/Dress Code


Personal cleanliness and neatness in dress and appearance are demanded at all times. The dress code is in effect from the first day of school until the last.

Our school all students:

All students must wear their school ID around their neck.
Wear Ben Franklin High School Uniform Polo-Shirt (Navy blue or Gray), or school sponsored BFHS attire ( School colors or BFHS shirts( shirts sold on campus)
Sneakers and Shoes ONLY
JROTC must wear their uniforms on inspection days
Athletes may wear their team jerseys on game days and/or school spirit days.

Dress Code Violations (not permitted at any time)

Steel toed shoes (unless worn in welding class)
Sandals, Slides, slippers or open toed shoes. Students deliberately arriving with this foot covering will have the   slippers/sandals confiscated and will be required to call home for appropriate uniform shoes.
Hats or bandanas
Sheer (see through) garments
Ripped and/or stapled pinned skirts or sweaters, or jeans.
Crop tops or exposed torsos.
Low cut pants that expose undergarments

On announced occasions, students are given the privilege of attending school out of dress code. Dressing appropriately for school is not the same as dressing for leisure outside of school.

*If you are looking  to purchase BFHS approved apparel please visit our Franklin Mint ( School store). 

**All forms of dress and/or accessories must be in compliance with the Philadelphia School District dress code as described in the Code of Student Conduct.

***Administration has the final say regarding dress code.

Religious Attire

Students are permitted to wear religious attire that does not violate the dress code and appropriately cover the student from collar to knee. Students in religious uniform must still be within compliance of the school uniform policy.

The school administration will deem if a student is in compliance with the uniform dress code. Students entering school inappropriately dressed may be required to change into appropriate attire.

No student may wear torn clothing; shirts with inappropriate logos, i.e. promotion of alcohol, drugs, or sexuality; bare midriffs; excessive jewelry; ill-fitting pants or oversized clothing. Backs and both shoulders must be covered.

Dress Up Guidelines (includes interview days, formal ceremony days and Graduation days)


Students may wear dress pants, shirts with a collar, ties and shoes (not sneakers).  Alternatively, knee length skirts/dresses can be worn.  Spaghetti straps, halter, or tank top dresses must have a wrap or cardigan sweaters that must be worn to cover the back and shoulders. Students should consider comfort and safety when selecting a shoe with a heel. Students may not wear strapless attire, any low cut top, or sheer material that is revealing.

No student may wear sheer or torn clothing, shirts with inappropriate logos, or bare midriffs. Backs and both shoulders must be covered. Hat dress code policy remains in effect on dress up days.

The administrative team will determine if a student complies with the dress code. Students deemed not appropriately dressed will be required to call home for a change of clothing. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached the student may be assigned to an alternative space to complete classwork.